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today i turn 27 and i wanted to put these thoughts together just because. i’ve seen people write “XX lessons at XX age” usually on their 21st, 25th or their 30th or 50th birthday....


how to take control of your life by forming positive habits: part two

in my last post, i covered how habits form and what makes them important for cultivating meaningful change in life. i argued that by building the appropriate structures of support, you can change almost...


how to take control of your life by forming positive habits: part one

when was the last time you consciously made an effort to do something courageous, wise, or just? it’s probably been a while, because the fast-paced world we live in doesn’t leave a lot of...


open office spaces aren’t new, and never really worked

it’s not surprising that a dysfunctional office culture is bad news for everyone involved. stressed-out employees take more sick leave, make more mistakes, and produce less than healthy, well-adjusted ones. this is true from...


how to successfully hire a freelancer on Upwork

i’ve been using Upwork for a while now. i was actually an oDesk user beforehand and remember when they were acquired. so it’s fair to say that i’ve been around for a while. that...



i recently discovered Naval Ravikant on Twitter. he’s been referred to as the Yoda of real life and i believe he certainly lives up to that comparison. Naval is the ceo and co-founder of...



the power of being grateful is so hugely underrated when it comes to our own happiness and well being. everybody wants to be happier, to feel more alive, and to realize contentment. the benefits...


delayed gratification

delayed gratification. isn’t it an interesting word couple? on one hand, it instills mystery. on the other hand, it comes across as simple and clear. in reality, delayed gratification can be described as the...


planning to plan

planning to plan. over-planning, overthinking or being overly prepared can actually cause someone to not take action on what they want to do. this phenomenon is referred to as analysis paralysis and it’ll lead...


just my luck

i hate that saying. it’s no secret that some of us experience more painful events, adversity and difficulties in our lives than others. some of these people have a tendency to say things like,...