i recently discovered Naval Ravikant on Twitter. he’s been referred to as the Yoda of real life and i believe he certainly lives up to that comparison.

Naval is the ceo and co-founder of AngelList. he previously co-founded Epinions (which went public as part of he’s an active angel investor and has invested in hundreds of companies including: Twitter, Uber, Stack Overflow, PostMates, Thumbtack and more.

Naval Ravikant

one of Naval’s famous Twitter threads is when he talks about how to get rich. see below:

Naval is famous for very intelligent insights on various aspects of life (health, relationships, happiness, etc) and business. some other important Tweets he’s made are:

important life skills


prune bullshit

become the best

the importance of happiness first

on creation of wealth
How to Get Rich: Every Episode

financial freedom comes out of business ownership

patience and the “long game”

the correct way to invest

on health
quality eating

modern society
society shaming us

to be continuously updated…