Every Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letter in a Single Downloadable PDF

The sheer magnitude of Warren Buffett’s and Charlie Munger’s success in growing the value of Berkshire Hathaway is something to admire. The Berkshire Hathaway returns, on a per share basis, over it’s lifetime are...


Applied Complexity with Joe Norman on The Stoa

Who: Joe Norman, The Stoa, Naryan Wong, Peter Limberg Source: 0:00 The Stoa digital campfire, wisdom gym, communal podcast 2:00 Intro by Naryan Wong 3:15 Intro of Joe Norman applied complexity scientist instructor...


productivity hacking with Dr Peter Attia (card system)

if you haven’t yet heard of Dr. Peter Attia, then congratulations, you’ve now got a lot of content to binge read, listen to and enjoy. in his recent podcast it really sparked my attention...