planning to plan

planning to plan.

over-planning, overthinking or being overly prepared can actually cause someone to not take action on what they want to do. this phenomenon is referred to as analysis paralysis and it’ll lead to nothing getting done.

look at it like this…

have you ever run into a problem at work where you don’t quite know what to do?

so you set out to find a solution, but after many late nights of great ideas that’ll potential work as a solution you still haven’t arrived at the right one.

what’s wrong with all the ideas you came up with that just might solve your problem?

why haven’t you moved forward with executing on any of them?

if it’s because you’re afraid that these ideas may result in an error then that’s a prime real-life example of analysis paralysis.

it’s likely that one of your ideas would have been the solution, but you were too concerned about the “what-if’s” to ever act on it.

the truth of the matter is that you can’t and won’t always have a plan for what’ll come of something, but it’s key that you execute and roll with whatever good or bad comes of it.

i saw this tweet which sparked my idea to type this up. take a look:

oh, by the way, notice how i immediately executed on my idea of typing this. i didn’t let it linger while i decided what the repercussions of publishing this post might be.

go do.