just my luck

i hate that saying.

it’s no secret that some of us experience more painful events, adversity and difficulties in our lives than others. some of these people have a tendency to say things like, “it’s just my luck” or “only me” or any variation of these. these idioms are a way to blame the world. a way for us to give up control and responsibility. they’re negative, they’re pathetic and you’ll certainly decelerate real progress in your life if you say things like this.

as people we can choose to spread our misery. as people we can also choose to rise above any unfortunate circumstance, adversity or struggle that we’re facing.

i think self-pity is actually a form of selfishness. it’s a clear indicator that someone believes they’re the only one suffering — almost as if, all they think and care about is themselves.

bad things don’t only happen to you.

i’ll repeat that some of us experience a worse bad, but the way you face it is in your control.

you are in charge of your happiness; it’s your responsibility.

go ahead, stay in bed and do nothing. complain all day if you want. but just remember, someone who has it much worse than you do is out and about conquering their bad.

i challenge you to choose you. you can overcome your bad too.