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    seeking happiness

    last week i left my job of 4 years.  this is not one of those catchy articles about leaving some FAANG i.e. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc. rather, this is my story about leaving...


    open office spaces aren’t new, and never really worked

    it’s not surprising that a dysfunctional office culture is bad news for everyone involved. stressed-out employees take more sick leave, make more mistakes, and produce less than healthy, well-adjusted ones. this is true from...


    how to successfully hire a freelancer on Upwork

    i’ve been using Upwork for a while now. i was actually an oDesk user beforehand and remember when they were acquired. so it’s fair to say that i’ve been around for a while. that...


    psa: entrepreneurs who laugh at the 9-5ers

    i always find it to be weird when entrepreneurs laugh at people who work a 9-5. they usually laugh at the workers who aspire to be full-time entrepreneurs. keep in mind that these are...