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    marketing and customer service: two sides of the same coin

    in the past, customer service and marketing occupied two entirely different domains. in the world of touch-tone telephones and strongly-worded complaint letters, there were few opportunities for these two fields to meet eye-to-eye. but...


    open office spaces aren’t new, and never really worked

    it’s not surprising that a dysfunctional office culture is bad news for everyone involved. stressed out employees take more sick leaves, make more mistakes, and produce less than healthy, well-adjusted ones. this is true...


    how to successfully hire a freelancer on Upwork

    i’ve been using Upwork for a while now. i was actually an oDesk user beforehand and remember when they were acquired. so it’s fair to say that i’ve been around for a while. that...


    psa: entrepreneurs who laugh at the 9-5ers

    i always find it to be weird when entrepreneurs laugh at people who work a 9-5. they usually laugh at the workers who aspire to be full-time entrepreneurs. keep in mind that these are...