opinion vs advice


an opinion is a judgement, view or statement that is not conclusive. (Wiki)

an opinion is not conclusive because it doesn’t put an end to doubt or question.

which is why an opinion is not a fact.

a fact is verifiable, so one can distinguish facts from opinion through the process of verifying the “facts”.


now, let’s look at advice.

advice is a recommendation offered as a guide to action. (Wiki)

more simply, advice is what one might do if they were in your (the solicitor) position.

side by side

if you are asking for someone’s advice, you are in essence asking them for guidance.

if you are asking for someone’s opinion, you are merely asking them for their view [on something/someone/some place/etc].

there seems to be a very fine line between the two. i believe (opinion) the fine line exists because of:

  • the way the soliciting was executed
  • the way the soliciting was perceivedĀ 

moral of the story

before soliciting advice or opinions of others, be sure to first decide which you are truly seeking and only then should you decide if you still want to go ahead and seek it.

i say this because you may not be satisfied with the response you receive. e.g. you wanted an opinion, but you got advice

there’s a famous quote that reads, “the best advice is this: don’t take advice and don’t give advice.”