first post

this is my first post on here (as evident by the title).

i’m a poor writer, but do aspire to get better through writing on this blog.

first, i want to thank you for coming. it means the world that you’ve taken your time to read what i have to say. if you haven’t done so already, feel free to read more about me here.

i have a handful of reasons for starting this blog:

  1. record some of what i’m doing as a means to document what’s going on in my life

actually, that’s the only thing i can come up with…

though, within that one reason lies many goals…

  • i hope to learn
  • i hope to teach
  • i hope to help
  • i hope to be helped
  • i hope to network

…and the list goes on and on

it’s also important to mention that i have some values and principles that will always remain true. this blog will in no way sway from the truth. i intend to be completely transparent about anything and everything that i talk about.  transparency is important to me because not only is it the key to building any form of trust, it’s what allows us to show our true selves to the world.

transparency reveals the character of a person

more on transparency here: working on this blog post

i don’t know everything; i don’t even know a lot of things. but, i do know that i’ll always stay grounded in my writing — i will give advice where i have the experience to give it and ask questions where i am unsure of the answers.

edit: to see what i’m up to, go here.