enjoy your cup

i really like this Tweet and wanted to quickly put together some further thoughts on this concept…

“Care about surroundings down to the cups you drink from.”

something one may have previously viewed as insignificant may actually be your key to joyous feelings you hadn’t ever realized.

a key that has the ability to unlock potential once unimagined. think – beauty in anything and everything – things that you once thought were so very unimportant.

from that i derived the line “enjoy your cup” and by that i mean – enjoy whatever it is that once was ‘just routine’ or that you once may have quickly looked passed. make it your ritual.

the cup of coffee pictured above is one that i have drank from nearly every morning for some time now. to me, it’s more than just a cup (or mug) – it’s a capsule for emotions, dreams, thoughts and a vision that can’t be put into words. it’s a feeling.

enjoy your cup!

this concept was inspired from this Tweet by Simon Sarris