Coffee with Nick V 021: leaving new york city, The Prologue and the Promise & the chocolate chip

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happy Wednesday!

i added my notes from The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert to my website.

link: https://nickvitucci.com/summaries/the-boron-letters-gary-halbert/

interesting thoughts

folks are leaving HCOL cities

i actually referenced this article i wrote in a previous newsletter (001), but it seems to be even more so real than it was back then…

New Yorkers continue to move out of the city to the suburbs. (of course, this is happening in other HCOL cities across the country as well)

the media is less so calling it de-urbanization – which sounds sort of apocalyptic – and more so calling it an “urban exodus” or a “fleeing of the city”.

many of the reasons i found for people leaving NYC were because of finances, a new job opportunity in another city and a desire to have a backyard. i think the coronavirus outbreak will be the over arching theme for many of the departures people are making, but specific reasons that stem from that probably include:

  • entertainment & dining changes / rules
  • overcrowded
  • remote wok

link to pseudo-case study i wrote in February: https://nickvitucci.com/blog/leaving-new-york/

interesting things i consumed

The Prologue and the Promise by Robert McCall

this 19′ by 60′ canvas painting is a mural that was commissioned by Walt Disney’s EPCOT Center in Orlando, FL. it was painted back in 1983 and was a vision for what the 21st century might look like. it shows a sort of optimism for humanity and for a hopeful world of tomorrow.


Tesla engineer redesigned the chocolate chip

this Tesla engineer, Remy Labesque, claims that the chocolate chip is not a designed shape, but a “product of an industrial manufacturing process”.

the premise was that the chocolate chip must be completely rethought because the teardrop shape is ill-suited to its function.

from the article:

“…“They stay whole, but once they’re baked, the center of the chip gets soft,” she said, a benefit for experiencing the chocolate’s texture. Labesque designed the thin, melt-in-your-mouth edges to be sturdy enough to hold their shape in baking and not to break when the chip is unmolded.”

if we had to make bets on what person/company/etc would re-imagine the 80-year-old-no-questions-asked dessert ingredient (aka chocolate chip or chocolate morsel), wouldn’t you probably put your money on Tesla?

link: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/2020/08/01/how-a-tesla-engineer-redesigned-the-chocolate-chip/

Airbnb IPO?

Airbnb is planning to submit a confidential filing with the SEC to go public by the end of the year despite the problems that the pandemic has played on the travel industry. the company’s 2020 revenue will be less than half of 2019s and their valuation dropped from $31 billion in 2017 to $18 billion now.

link: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/11/airbnb-plans-to-confidentially-file-for-ipo-this-month.html

interesting quote i came across

“People say that your first reaction is the most honest, but I disagree. Your first reaction is usually outdated. Either it’s an answer you came up with long ago and now use instead of thinking, or it’s a knee-jerk emotional response to something in your past.”

– Derek Sivers

that’s all for this week.

until next time,

Nick V

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