Coffee with Nick V 014: New York Times, Apple, Bill Ackman & more

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interesting things i consumed

#GhostNYT: Doxxing bloggers for clicks

New York Times tried to dox Scott Alexander, a prominent science and tech blogger. Scott remains pseudonymous in his writing online for a number of reasons. the main reason is because he is a psychiatrist and it is important to prevent patients from knowing about him outside of his psychiatric work. he elaborates more on this in a recent blog post at Slate Star Codex (and also explains some of the situation going on with NYT).

at the time of writing this New York Times doesn’t seem to care about Scott’s reasoning and they’re pushing to reveal his identity anyway. time and time again we see journalists drifting away from the sacred trust of protecting the identity of their sources.

as a source, often times, your incentives are most likely not aligned with the incentives of the journalist’s – don’t assume they have good intentions.

the current state of journalism is one to question and it’s important we (the readers) take a good look at where and from whom we are getting our information.

Microsoft is shutting down Mixer

Microsoft is closing its streaming platform, Mixer, on July 22nd and plans to move existing partners over to Facebook Gaming. just under one year ago, Microsoft signed top streamers Ninja and Shroud. they’re both walking (as free agents) with payouts of $30 million and $10 million respectively.

it’ll be interesting to see what Ninja and Shroud plan to do in the future.

hopefully they didn’t burn bridges at Twitch…


Apple announced updates to iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, TV OS and WatchOS in the opening keynote of WWDC2020. some of the messaging features look great (and are long overdue) – they include threading messages and mentions.

see below pic to get a better idea of the iMessage updates:

iMessage in iOS 14: Mentions, Pinned Conversations, Inline Replies, and More - MacRumors

Bill Ackman’s $4 billion bet

billionaire investor Bill Ackman disclosed plans for an IPO of a blank check company that’s looking to raise $3 billion (his fund will put up $1 billion). he plans to offer 150 million shares at $20 per piece. the investment vehicle will target “Mature Unicorns”; in other words, more developed and privately financed companies valued at more than $1 billion. he said it may also target high-quality IPO candidates, PE portfolio companies and family owned companies.

Ackman’s hedge fund managed $10.7 billion of assets as of June 9th, this year and they pocketed over $2 billion in bets against the market.

from the blog

Sahil Lavingia

Sahil was the 2nd employee at Pinterest, but left (before his equity vested) and later founded Gumroad. Gumroad is an online platform that enables creators to sell products directly to consumers (wiki). creators of all types (authors, comedians, designers, filmmakers, musicians, developers, marketers and more) use Gumroad to sell [mostly digital] products to consumers.

i compiled some of Sahil’s most retweeted tweets (of his last 3k tweets) and published them on my site — there are some gems in there.

that’s all for this week.

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