Coffee with Nick V 012: Threlkeld, Nat Eliason and Earth Runners

happy Wednesday!

lots going on in the world… and there always will be a lot going on (good and bad, though it seems some of the media wants only to show the bad). let us not forget the freedoms that the United States offers us (for those of us in the US – which i believe is everyone reading this…).

Greener Pastures Photograph by David A Litman

(picture of greener pastures)

speaking of the media, what happened to brave and heroic journalists? journalists who are honest, respectful and aren’t attempting to make careers revolving around tarnishing the United States.

i was listening to an episode of Eric Weinstein’s podcast, The Portal, where i first heard this question posed about heroic journalists. he made mention of a journalist named Richard Threlkeld.

Richard’s career at CBS took him through the jungles of Vietnam and through the desert of Iraq during the Gulf War. he was known for his prolific reporting and he often turned out the principal news stories for many broadcasts.

he reported the news with integrity, was fantastic with words and had real passion for what he was doing.

below is a picture of Richard in action:


interesting things i consumed

Improving Idea Flow

this article by Nat Eliason was awesome. it talks about ideas and honing in on good ones.

some of my highlights:

  • you can’t create time, only reallocate it.
  • if your idea inputs come from the same memetic bucket, your outputs will be in that bucket too. the fewer memetic buckets you scoop from, the more your ideas will align with those buckets.
    • the simplest example of this is considering yourself a Republican or Democrat. if your ideas fully converge with the talking points of either party, then you haven’t thought those ideas out that much.
  • the process of coaxing ideas is important. you must filter good/bad ideas.
  • only ways to coax ideas are through conversations or through creation.
  • creating is the final express of an idea.

“the best writing is writing you don’t care if anyone reads. it’s what you create to help yourself understand and calrify what’s bouncing around in your head. if someone reads and finds value in it, great, but simply by creating it you’ve gotten most of the value.”

i really enjoyed that closing quote because that’s sort of the approach i’ve taken to the writing in this newsletter and on my site.

see my below illustration of idea coaxing. it’s a sort of filtration system. think coffee…


i published that illustration then quickly received a message saying that it’s flawed because i literally drew a coffee drip and nothing in the picture seems to portray the ideas themselves. i decided to take a stab at V2, which is an attempt at showing many ideas entering the filter and what seem to be the good ones coming out.

it was a real life example of idea coaxing!

ok enough with that…

interesting things i bought

i finally received my Earth Runners!


(obligatory picture of me wearing them)

i heard about these sandals on a podcast with Jack Dorsey and they really caught my attention so i immediately ordered them. well, i guess not immediately, because i turned to Reddit for some expert advice on which model made most sense for me. i don’t plan to do much running with them, but do plan to wear them daily and take walks in them. i haven’t stopped wearing them since i got them on June 4th.

the folks on /r/BarefootRunning were incredibly helpful with the purchase.

it’s important to remember that where there is a crazy interest there is a group of crazy people ready to answer any and all questions related to said interest.

it’s only been ~5 days, but i highly recommend them if this sort of thing tickles your fancy.

that’s all for this week.

until next time,

Nick V

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