seeking happiness

last week i left my job of 4 years. 

this is not one of those catchy articles about leaving some FAANG i.e. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc. rather, this is my story about leaving a job i was comfortable at for just about 4 years. 


quite the opposite actually… i’ll get to that in a sec. 

for now, i’d say cushy is a better word to use.

source: Oxford Dictionary

it was in fact an undemanding and secure job. 

in essence, it wasn’t the challenge i was looking for.

it’s important to note that aside from all of the industry-related learning that happened through having a job, work created a good social environment. i’ve made great friends who i’ll stay in touch with forever. i’ve learned a lot about how to deal with different people (i.e. different personalities). and for that, i’m grateful to everyone that i worked with.  

work was going well and seemed as if it always would. 

but, despite that, my happiness levels were declining and if happiness has anything to do with comfort, i’d be lying to say that i was comfortable. i was uncomfortable.

i wasn’t necessarily seeking comfort, rather a different type of uncomfortable. i have daydreamed for far too long about being in business for myself and i hoped to gain the confidence to one day make that my reality. 

i hadn’t come to the “fork in the road” until last week, or so i thought. the truth of the matter is, the “fork” has always been there, i just hadn’t fully seen it yet. well, last week, being in business for myself has become my reality.

the happiness decline

i think my happiness is more tied to ownership than anything else. sure, i could “take ownership” in my tasks at my job. that kind of thinking works for some people and it even worked for me – but after a few days or weeks i’d have to remind myself to “take ownership” again. it was a cycle. what i really wanted to do was always in the back of my mind. i knew i owed myself the opportunity to at least give it a shot.

searching for happiness  

i have been helping business owners with their marketing for over 5 years now. they’ve always had a special place in my heart. i find it fascinating that local business owners are real people. people who don’t have the security of a job. people who have families. people who get up early in order to get out into the field, get behind their desk, answer customer inquiries, cut checks and so many other tasks. they are people who put food on the table.

my happiness is derived from the ownership i take in helping these people. when they are happy, i too, am happy. 


with all that being said, you can now find me helping local businesses and working on other fun projects and investments. 

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