psa: entrepreneurs who laugh at the 9-5ers

i always find it to be weird when entrepreneurs laugh at people who work a 9-5. they usually laugh at the workers who aspire to be full-time entrepreneurs. keep in mind that these are people who want to be just like them! shouldn’t that be a flattering thing?

ok, i agree, the laughing that stems from reading so and so’s Instagram bio that says “Entrepreneur”, yet they’ve got nothing at all to show for it [and don’t seriously work on their business at all] is funny.

but, for those laughing at hardworking employees who aspire to go full-time on their dreams — c’mon…

to be clear, this is the guy/gal who wants nothing but success for you, mr/mrs founder. sure, they hope the success would line their pockets as well, but that only makes sense. they want a smooth day at work and the ability to get home and start hacking away until late at night. they don’t want friction and truthfully, they don’t want to hear your negative judgement. did i mention that they’re hard workers?

these people are likely the very people you want need to hire at your company. they’re the backbones of your company. i’m talking about the candidates that you always dream of finding; those with an “entrepreneurial spirit”, those who take initiative and those who own the projects they’re working on.

as an employee working at a successful agency with a side gig i can tell you that i am the exact person you’d want to hire. too cocky? i don’t think so. i’ll list some of my traits:

  • i own my projects
  • i always help my team
  • i don’t want to see a teammate suffering
  • i’m never late
  • i spread positivity
  • i’m good at my job
  • i go the extra mile
  • i know what i’m talking about
  • i offer information
  • i ask good questions
  • i truly care about what we’re delivering to our clients
  • & more…

if there’s only one thing to say to these judgmental entrepreneurs it would be: you can’t build a company without employees; so why are you bashing the very people you need for your business to succeed.